BTE Hearing Aid

Behind The Ear Hearing Aid


Commonly called as BTE and it stands for Behind The Ear Hearing Aid. It has arrangement where hook come over the top of the ear and the body of hearing aid rests behind the ear. Part of hearing aid is a thin plastic tube that acts like a connection between the ear canal and hearing aid. The tube gets attached to hearing aid on end and earpiece on another end, this ear piece is placed in ear canal. Sound reaches eardrum by traveling through the tube and then through ear mould and now enters ear canal and finds its way to eardrum. There are several advantages of using BTE hearing aids. 

Available in different sizes and forms. BTE hearing instruments come in different sizes. The variants in sizes are: The standard size BTE and Mini-BTE, a miniature version of standard BTE hearing aids. Interestingly there are open fit BTE hearing aids available and the essence of it is to allow sound enter ear naturally. The earpiece of Behind The Ear hearing instrument can be customized to provide a perfect fit in users ear. This will avoid leakage of sound and enrich the amplification of high frequencies. Visit our Chennai Clinic, Authorized BTE hearing instrument dealers in India and can showcase huge variants of hearing aid where you can instantly purchase.

BTE hearing aids are sturdy and are less influenced to wax and moisture. The exposure of BTE’s to wax and moisture is less compared to other models such as ITE (In-The Ear) & CIC (Completely in The Canal) that go very deep in the ear canal. Hence BTE are less prone to internal and circuit damages due to was, sweat and moisture. Take are free trial today from the BTE hearing instrument dealers in India. Book appointment now.

Incorporated with advanced technology. BTE hearing aids have digital and analog variants. Digital hearing aids consist of innovatory and high performing signal processing system. To name a few, Digital technology can help in reducing background noise, adapt to hearing aid users environment, programmed to users hearing level and many more.