Hearing Aid Repair Service


Hearing aids are basically electronic device that requires regular service and maintenance. If your hearing aid isn’t working properly, kindly do not delay to service it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each person’s experience will be different. Hearing aids can help you hear sounds you have not heard before (or have not heard for many years). Relearning takes place in the central auditory system and the brain needs some time to sort out any new information entering the ears. You will time to adjust to your hearing aids and evaluate their benefit. Based on your experience, programming changes can be made to help with the adjustment process.

The majority of hearing aids today use zinc­ air batteries. This kind of battery is made specifically for hearing aids and comes in a variety of sizes to work with different devices. You can find hearing aid batteries at almost any store that sells regular batteries, including most pharmacies and grocery stores.

This depends on the type of battery and how many hours per day you wear your hearing aid. Smaller hearing aid batteries need replacing within one week, while larger batteries may last two to three weeks.

When you get used to making hearing aids easy to care for.Moisture and earwax buildup are the two biggest reasons for repairs on hearing aids, so cleaning them regularly is important. The best (and the easiest) way to do this is by purchasing a cleaning and drying kit. Putting your devices into the kit at night will remove moisture while also killing germs and bacteria. You can also use a clean, gentle cloth to wipe excess dust and earwax off. The most difficult part of maintaining your hearing aids is not losing them! They can be quite small and easy to misplace, so make sure that whenever you take them out of your ear, you’re returning them to their case.