Pure Tone Audiometry


Pure Tone Audiometry

Pure Tone Audiometry Test – often said as PTA is a behavioral test that measures hearing sensitivity. This test mainly helps in indicating the Pure Tone Thresholds (PTTs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Pure Tone Audiometry consists of two stages.

  • Air Conduction testing
  • Bone Conduction testing

Bone conduction testing is done by placing an oscillator on the mastoid process and measuring threshold at the same frequencies. Masking noise is used sometimes in the non-test ear to prevent its participation in the test.

1. No major preparation is required as far as PTA is considered.

2. Patients should be responsive while testing.

3. Patients unable to cooperate because of young age or other conditions cannot undergo pure tone audiometry. They may need to have the auditory system tested by other methods.

For an effective PTA testing session it fetches around 45mins to 1hr for completion. Clinical reports will be provided immediately after test.