Impedance Audiometry


Impedance Audiometry

Impedance audiometry test is a vital test to analyze the middle ear condition. Primary use: Tympanic membrane and middle ear status are determined via this test.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A probe with a soft plastic tip is inserted in the ear canal until an airtight seal is obtained.
  2. Later, probe tone (typically 226 Hz) is stimulated into the ear canal while altering air pressure of the external ear canal from +200 to -400 decapascal (daPa).
  3. Result is produced in a form of graph marking admittance as a function of air pressure.
  • No major preparation is required.
  • For patients who have undergone ear surgery, Impedance is not advisable.
  • Low-frequency tympanometry is not recommended for infants younger than 7 month.

For an effective Impedance audiometry session it fetches around 15 – 20mins for completion. Clinical reports will be provided immediately after test.