Hearing Aid Trial and Fitting


Hearing aid fitting consists of a selection phase. Once hearing aid trial is completed, the selected hearing aid will be tuned and adjusted as per the customers need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Audiologist will explain all technical terminologies to you and educate you on what exactly happens during your audiological assessment. A comprehensive audiological assessment will reveal the type of hearing loss, if any, as well as the severity of the hearing loss.

This information is a major determinant to the type of hearing aids that would best address your hearing impairment or type of hearing loss. 

To decide on a hearing aid that is right for you, set goals and have realistic expectations for listening and communicating once your aid is fitted. Communicate your expectations to your Audiologist, so you can find a brand and model of hearing aid that is most suited to your needs and preferences.  

Once you’ve decided on a hearing aid that best suits your needs and preferences, your Audiologist will explain how exactly your hearing aid works. Based on your listening needs, your Audiologist may configure your aid and add special functions. They will also show you options to connect your aid with several sources, like your smartphone and TV.

Your Audiologist will make sure that your hearing aid fits comfortably. It’s not uncommon that it’ll take a few weeks of wearing your hearing aid until you get used to the feeling.