Oticon Hearing Aid Brand


In an international survey across three continents, hearing care professionals and end-users confirm that Oticon Intiga RITE delivers immediate acceptance, immediate benefits…

This is how we will deliver our promise. This is our commitment.

We have become a company of firsts by putting people first. We constantly strive to obtain new insights in order to keep learning, find new ways to do things better, and bring groundbreaking ideas first to market.

To meet the needs of a changing marketplace, we have defined four focus areas where our passion, expertise, and commitment all come together – areas in which we will invest efforts and resources: audiology, technology, counseling and fitting, and business support. This is how we will continue to lead the way and provide the most innovative hearing care solutions and support.

People insight
Knowledge about users’ and hearing care professionals’ needs and challenges is the foundation for everything we do.
True innovation occurs when we work together, across teams, to find ways our technologies can meet the needs our insights reveal.
Empowering People
We channel our people’s insight into solutions that support any lifestyle, any age. This way we empower people to play an active part in life.