RIC Hearing Aid

Receiver In Canal Hearing Aid

RIC Hearing Aid
Delivering excellence to its users. RITE (Receiver In The Ear) hearing aid is also known as RIC (Receiver In The Canal) hearing aid. It has a tiny case that shelter behind the ear enclosing all vital components of hearing instrument. The ear piece or the ear dome consists of receiver also known as speaker that goes inside the users ear. Thus RIE’s look smaller than BTE’s. Find more by meeting the TOP 10 RIE hearing instrument dealers in India.
It provides ultimate physical confidence to its users. Having a great cosmetic appeal and customizable comfort makes this hearing instrument popular amongst youngsters and businessmen.

Even our Audiologist and HIS-Hearing Instrument Specialist prefer to suggest an RIE instrument because it of its latest technical advancements. Our Hearing care professional will find the right size of hearing dome that fits best in your ears. To list few advantages

  • Avoids clogged feeling inside the ear
  • Hearing sounds such as chewing and echoing of your own voice can be reduced.
  • Available in various color as per your skin texture and hair color.
  • Standing front no one can spot this hearing aid device.

We are certified RIC hearing instrument dealers in India to dispense lower end to high-end hearing aids and its accessories. Advanced concepts in a RIC include– Higher number of Channels, Directional microphone systems, Feedback cancellation, Noise reduction, Telecoil, Frequency modulation compatibility and many more.

How greater Channels support RIC hearing aid? 

Channels indicate the sections used in a hearing aid to process incoming sound signal. Higher the number of channel greater the clarity and programming option in a hearing instrument. Easy to customize for required frequencies and sound pitches.